Isabell Freund - IF Equine Therapies

Having studied the foundations of complimentary & alternative veterinary therapies such as acupuncture, homeopathy and herbalism in Germany and having experienced different forms of energy work, I proceeded to qualify as an Equine and Canine Acupressure Practitioner with the Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute. After qualification, I obtained further one-to-one coaching from the co-founder of the Institute, Amy Snow, to become an Animal Acupressure Instructor. To deepen my understanding and practice and skills in Traditional Chinese Medicine, I continued my studies and training in Equine and Canine Acupuncture with veterinary acupuncturists Dr. Jean-Yves Guray and Lydia Galka in Germany. My acupressure and acupuncture practice is further complemented by additional training in hands-on modalities such as myofascial release therapy and Tui Na.

I have a diverse background both in working with horses and in equine related training. I lived and worked on stud farms as well as with equine rescues in Ireland and have been attending further training in a variety of equine related fields, such as equine behaviour, nutrition, anatomy & physiology, equestrian coaching, aromatherapy and zoopharmacognosy, retraining of ex-racehorses, donkey care, horse breeding, etc.