• Equine Bodywork in Ireland

Manual Therapy for Horses and Ponies

Your horse shows a lack of performance, has particular health problems or is in rehabilitation?

You'd like to support your horse's performance?

You want your horse to get a check-up to make sure everything is okay?

In all theses cases, ACUPRESSURE and MYOFASCIAL RELEASE offer an effective and complimentary method for addressing theses issues.

To book a session or if you have questions: ☎ 085 753 0707.

Please note: Unless our visit is for maintenance or pre-competition, we require veterinary referral for your first initial appointment.


Horse Health and Performance

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Gentle yet effective.

Acupressure is a gentle, non-invasive bodywork technique that is rooted in the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).


Myofascial Release

Tension relief.

Myofascial release is a hands-on manual bodywork technique that addresses fascial restrictions in the horse's body.

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Acupuncture (Germany only)

Powerful needles.

GERMANY ONLY! - A practice equally rooted in TCM, acupuncture is applied by inserting very thin needles at certain points into the body.


  • Change of performance

  • Imbalances under saddle and/or in-hand

  • Musculoskeletal problems

  • Stiffness/restricitions in a certain area

  • Change in behaviour

  • Other health disorders (e.g. respiratory, digestive)

  • Preventative check-up


  • Better balance and rideability

  • Improves muscle function

  • Strengthens immune system

  • Improves movement and flexibility

  • Enhances circulation

  • Better focus and performance

  • Releases tension

  • Enhances overall well-being and health

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Start Learning TCM & Bodywork for Horses

Support your Horse's Health and Strengthen Connection

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The 12 Major Meridians in Equine Acupressure

ONLINE - 12 week online training covering the 12 Zang-Fu organs and associated Major Meridians, including attributes, functions, characteristics and relevance for the practice of equine acupressure and common equine pathologies and conditions.

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Introduction into Equine Acupressure & TCM

HANDS-ON - In this workshop, we will look at the application and benefits of acupressure and its basic principles.

A one-day course packed with theory and practice aiming to enable participants to support their own horses with some simple and safe yet efficient acupressure practices.


Equine Acupressure & TCM ~ Online Introduction

ONLINE - This introduction will give you an insight into the theory and practice of applied equine acupressure & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): Qi, Yin & Yang, 5 elements, meridians, energy and more and their meaning and application in equine acupressure work.

Healthy Horses Happy Humans

Our goal is to support and improve the well-being of horses with the involvement of their humans. Only as a team can we thrive!

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