What does an Equine Acupuncture and Acupressure Treatment actually involve?

In a first step, a visual examination of the horse to be treated is undertaken, which is followed by a detailed anamnesis and inquiry of the owner / handler and further examinations. These include the palpation of the horse’s body, including diagnostic points and areas.

Based on these observations and collected information, I prepare a diagnosis in accordance with Traditional Chinese Medicine. As a TCM therapist and since TCM is a self-contained medical system, I do not make any conventional medical diagnoses (note: in Germany, I am legally allowed to make diagnoses and apply acupuncture needles as a non-veterinarian).

Then the actual treatment begins, which I initiate with acupressure, i.e. I work with my hands and fingers on acupoints and meridians before using acupuncture needles.

In the next step, I insert needles into acupoints which points are selected on the basis of the above diagnosis and then I allow the needles to work for a certain time.

While the needles are inserted in the body or after pulling the needles, I test certain diagnostic points again to see whether the treatment is effective.

If necessary and depending on the horse, I finish the treatment with another short acupressure session after pulling the needles.

After the treatment, the owner will receive further information from me, e.g. a set of acupressure points with which he or she can support the horse after the treatment. He or she will also receive a treatment protocol and, as the case may be, an acupressure chart with the corresponding acupressure points via email.