Equine Acupressure & TCM | Introduction


Introduction into the practice of equine acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) covering the basic theories and teachings of TCM, energy practices and simple practices working with the Bladder meridian and certain acupoints.

This introduction will give you an insight into the theory and practice of applied Equine Acupressure & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

In addition to the basic concepts and theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine and their importance for the hands-on practice of acupressure, we will look at acupressure as a form of both bodywork and energy work and what this means for us as therapists and horse owners. You will also get guidance and instructions for the practical application of basic acupressure on horses.

The theory lessons end with a quiz. The energy work is guided with exercises. And the hands-on practice is supported by images and video material.

Lessons include:
(1) Introduction;
(2) Acupressure: bodywork and energy work;
(3) Yin & Yang theory;
(4) Qi ~ ‘life energy’;
(5) 5 Phases of Transformation / 5 Elements;
(6) Four diagnostic methods;
(7) Major meridians & Zang-Fu organ system;
(8) Bladder meridian and association points – meridian and acupoint localisation – hands-on practice and application