Equine Acupressure

In Winter


Is it equally as cold in your part of the world?

While our winter started rather wet than frosty, we were finally able to enjoy beautiful snow rides including a nice canter through powdery white at the weekend. The joy did not last long as it was replaced by hard frozen ground yesterday leaving no choice but to take things slowly.

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Despite few daylight hours, challenging ground conditions, uncomfortable temperatures and weather conditions, we attempt to maintain a certain amount of training – adapted to winter, slowed down and reduced – in order to stay reasonably fit not having to start all over again in spring.

Winter is associated with the element – or phase of transformation – of Water in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is related to the kidneys, in which our energy (Qi) is stored. It is a time to slow down and conserve and store energy. From a TCM perspective, we can support our health and prevent diseases by living in harmony with the seasons. Winter is therefore a good time to strengthen the kidneys.

The phase of transformation which is associated with Winter also corresponds with…

🔸 Element: water

🔹 Yin organ: Kidney

🔸 Yang organ: Bladder

🔹 Sensory organ: ear

🔸 Body structure: bones

🔹 Emotion: fear

An acupoint that can be used for strengthening of the Kidneys is Bladder 23 – “Sea of ​​Vitality” (Shen Shu / Associtaion point of the Kidney).

Bladder 23 is located 3 cun lateral to the dorsal midline between the 2nd and 3rd lumbar vertebrae, dorsal to the caudal border of the last rib.

This acupoint tonifies Kidney Yin, strengthens the brain and the bone marrow, supports the mind, strengthens the caudal back and stifles, benefits kidney function of water metabolism, dispels and transforms dampness.

Western indications include ear conditions and urogenital problems, asthma, pain in the lumbosacral area and hip.

Note: working with acupressure points based on common indications is not a replacement of an individual TCM diagnosis by a trained TCM therapist.