Because Acupuncture is Holistic You may kill Two Birds with One Stone

From practice

I am currently working with an older Arabian gelding. I was called out primarily to treat his COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). He also has some age-related musculoskeletal problems. He is in light work and the main issue to be addressed primarily from the owner’s point of view was the COPD.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) looks at the horse in its entirety. All symptoms and signs are collected in order to reach a TCM diagnosis based on all these observations together with TCM theories and teachings. Thus the selection of acupoints, for example, can be different for different horses that all show the symptom of “coughing”. One of the fundamental goals of acupuncture is to support the body’s ability to regulate itself so that the body’s own balance can be restored.I treated the above-mentioned gelding with acupressure and acupuncture and my selection of points in acupuncture was based on the balance method according to Dr. Tan.

The day after the treatment, the owner contacted me happily. Not only could she see some relief concerning the cough in her horse, but also for a musculoskeletal problem. The owner had told me about problems with the musculoskeletal system before the treatment, but she had not mentioned that the gelding had significant problems maintaining the right lead canter. Now she told me that for some time her horse only picked up the right lead canter correctly with great difficulty and after repeated requests and corrections. The day after the acupuncture treatment, she lunged him and was surprised and delighted that after changing the lead from left to right, he went straight to the right lead canter without hesitation. At this point he was able to hold the right lead canter for several strides before falling out again.

After the second treatment – there was further improvement of the COPD – the gelding now picks up and keeps the right lead canter for several rounds. And treatment number three will follow in the coming week….