Prevention Is Better Than Cure

It often seems that our horses’ health problems come out of nowhere and from one day to the other. He did so well yesterday! And this happens, for example, after accidents or falls. Though, many issues that demand our attention and prompt us to act are secondary. They often started much earlier in a different …

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Nobody Said It Was Easy

And if they did, they were not telling the truth. Many of us are striving for a good relationship with our horses where we experience the joy that comes with partnering with a healthy and happy horse. Most of us are aware that this – depending on several factors and circumstances – can be more …

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What are acupoints?

In Chinese, acupuncture points are referred to as “Shu Xue” which means ‘communicating holes’. Shu translates as transporting, distributing or communicating; and Xue means hole, outlet or depression. From a Traditional Chinese and metaphorical perspective, acupoints are like energy bundles on or near the body’s surface. As the name suggests, acupoints are often depressions which …

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Free running horse

The “Not Quite Right” Horse

– and the Role that Acupuncture and Acupressure can Play – There are times when you just know that something is “off” with your horse. These subtle not clearly identifiable problems can affect performance and may be difficult to diagnose. In such cases, integrative therapies such as acupuncture, osteopathy and herbal medicine may be useful. …

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